Would I Recommend Zumba Fitness Rush for Xbox 360 with Kinect?


Ever taken a Zumba class? Then you’ll know that the more you shake your tush the more fun it is. If you’ve never been, Zumba is basically the best aerobic workout for any human on Earth assuming you can get over the whole “shaking your rear in public” business. It’s fun, it doesn’t really matter if you’re doing it right or not as long as you’re doing it and the time flies. The only realistic Zumba class I have the opportunity to attend is the same night as Addie’s gymnastics class so I realized a long time ago there would be no regular Zumba for me. While Zumba is fun, it’s not DVD fun. Whatever I do I need it to change and evolve, which is why you would find me grouching and snarking at my P90x and 30 Day Shred DVDs after two weeks . (Take your German potato soup and shove it Tony Horton.)

So how does one do Zumba when they want without the boring repetition of DVDs?

Say hello to my little Xbox.

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