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Top 24 Hipster Baby Names

Are you having a hard time trying to come up with a name for your bundle of joy? You want something cool, chic, and different. What you may be looking for is one of these top hipster baby names!

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Brooklyn 2 of 25
Origin: English; Meaning: New York City borough, from the Dutch Breukelen.

This name might be a too-obvious pick for baby boys in the tri-state area, but how much ironic street cred would Brooklyn have on the West Coast — or across the pond? Just ask Brooklyn Beckham, whose name has been climbing the popularity charts since he was born in 1999.
Ray 3 of 25
Origin: Old German; Meaning: protecting hands.

This name oozes cool, evoking both iconic soul musician Ray Charles and the ubiquitously hip Ray-Ban sunglasses. When your son's playmates ask what his name is short for, he can pull down his Wayfarers and say, Nah. Its just Ray.
Holden 4 of 25
Origin: English; Meaning: deep valley.

Will little Holden be resentful or just pickled when he reads about his namesake in high-school English class and finds out hes a prep-school dropout who ran around New York City and called everything lousy?
Iver 5 of 25
Origin: Old Norse; Meaning: yew, bow army.

Although the popularity of indie band Bon Iver (pronounced EEV-air) is rising, the Nordic name Iver (pronounced AYV-er) is an unusual moniker that's classic-sounding but original — the right match for parents who are concerned about running into another little Iver at their
Allen 6 of 25
Origin: Celtic; Meaning: handsome.

Get ready for your baby to Howl with this name, inspired by leading beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg. If your kid doesn't seem to punctuate or finish complete sentences much, just tell his teacher hes flexing his poetic muscles. Try the French Alain if Allen is too typical; think of it as the macaron to Allens cupcake.
Lennon 7 of 25
Origin: Irish; Meaning: dear one.

Maybe hardcore Beatles fans once named their son John to commemorate this iconic musician, but that's as mainstream as a first name gets. Lennon hops on the last-names-as-first-names craze while still sounding artsy-cool.
Orson 8 of 25
Origin: Latin and English; Meaning: bearlike.

With a baby named in honor of memorable American film director, screenwriter, and actor Orson Welles, maybe you'll be spared the cartoons and just watch stark, black-and-white films with baby like Citizen Kane, which Welles co-wrote, produced, and acted in.
Atticus 9 of 25
Origin: Greek; Meaning: from Athens.

For bird-loving parents who prefer their naming references to be on the obscure side, why not the unforgettable Atticus Finch, fatherly hero and lawyer in the classic To Kill a Mockingbird?
Thelonious 10 of 25
Origin: German; Meaning: ruler of the people.

If you look up cool in the dictionary, you might find this name cemented in hipsterdom by jazz musician Thelonious Monk —because while that indie band you love will blow up and inevitably sell out, jazz will always be a little off the mainstream and always awesome. Plus, have you seen his glasses?
Jasper 11 of 25
Origin: Persian; Meaning: bringer of treasure.

Grab some inspiration from modern artist Jasper Johns, whose work hangs in the MoMA. Now when your kid paints your friend's apartment walls with tomato sauce, you can just explain he's going through his experimental phase. Another artsy name idea? Jackson, for splatter-paint legend Jackson Pollock.
Franklin 12 of 25
Origin: Latin; Meaning: Free man.

Who cares about playing with an iPad when you can be named after the guy who discovered electricity? Go for a vague historical reference with this nod to Benjamin Franklin. Plus, if your baby ever needs Warby Parkers down the road, he can tell everyone on the playground his namesake created bifocals
Leonardo 13 of 25
Origin: Italian; Meaning: Bold lion.

We're not talking about the renaissance man Da Vinci (though that's what you can tell the grandparents) but one of the Ninja Turtles. Nostalgia for ‘90s is so lame it's cool again — we can't be the only ones wishing we hadn't thrown out our action figures for the next generation to play with. If Leo doesn't suit, try one of his masked, anthropomorphic brothers' names: Michaelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael.
London 14 of 25
Origin: English; Meaning: place-name for the capital of England.

For a name with overseas allure that has somewhat more cred than Paris (thank the Hilton family for that), try this one —just don't be surprised when baby London starts calling her home country the States and keeps asking for some spare quid.
Wren 15 of 25
Origin: Meaning: animal name, a bird

To quote Portlandia (an indie comedy series), you can put a bird on anything and call it art. Why not apply it to your baby, too?
Matilda 16 of 25
Origin: German; Meaning: battle-mighty.

If you want to appear literary but actually havent finished a book since grade school, no worries: this Roald Dahl heroine will fit in perfectly with her playmates Holden and Atticus. Just pretend you werent actually inspired by Michelle Williams' daughter, who has the same name.
Tallulah 17 of 25
Origin: Native American; Meaning: leaping waters

This Native American name evokes images of wide-open prairies and simple living —a heavy dose of ironic cool for the always-plugged-in family who hasn't been out of range of a Starbucks in years.
Margot 18 of 25
Origin: French; Meaning: pearl.

Baby Margot has two ultra-hip namesakes to live up to: Wes Anderson's effortlessly cool Margot Tenenbaum and Margaux Hemingway, who changed the spelling of her name to match the wine made in the French town where she was conceived. Now that's indie.
Clementine 19 of 25
Origin: Latin; Meaning: mercy.

This is a stylish name that celebs like Claudia Schiffer and Ethan Hawke have chosen for their daughters —but if your friends arent up on celebrity babies, you can claim this as your own idea. Plus, the built-in lullaby is a big bonus: Oh my darlin', oh my darlin'.
Zooey 20 of 25
Origin: American; Meaning: literary, from Franny & Zooey.

This name isn't quite so original now that cute, quirky actress Zooey Deschanel has made her mark, but you can maintain your hipster status by swearing up and down you thought of it first when you read J.D. Salingers Franny & Zooey (no mind that protagonist Zooey Glass was a dude).
Seraphina 21 of 25
Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: fiery one.

This name was totally off the charts when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their daughter this in 2009, but you're safe from being called a poser if your family and friends don't subscribe to US Weekly.
Florence 22 of 25
Origin: Latin; Meaning: flourishing, prosperous.

The dog days are over, indeed! This name could serve as a souvenir from a soul-searching trip to the Italian city or a nod to singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine —now when your daughter is screaming her lungs out, you can just say she's getting her vocal cords ready for a lifetime of music festivals.
Alice 23 of 25
Origin: German; Meaning: noble.

Although Alice may seem a little too popular for hipster parents, consider this: Tina Fey just picked this for her daughter (granted, shes not a hipster, but who doesn't love Tina Fey?), and there are some solid Alices out there she can join: Canadian writer Alice Munro and the classic character in Alice in Wonderland, for starters.
Lena 24 of 25
Origin: Greek; Meaning: Light.

Love her or hate her, you can't deny Lena Dunham is the indie TV darling of her generation — or maybe just a generation. If that's too obvious an homage, she's surrounded by cool options in her work: Hannah and Shoshanna are two names we love from Girls, while Aura is an option from her 2010 feature Tiny Furniture. If you prefer Ms. Dunham's name, change the spelling to "Lina" or "Leena" and make up an uber-original story of how it just came to you.
Louise 25 of 25
Origin: German; Meaning: Famous warrior.

Louise is the perfect, slightly askew name for your cardigan-wearing, Tolstoy book-board-reading baby. It hasn't cracked the top 20 baby names in America since 1920 , and hasn't even made it past #900 nearly thirty years, so you know this unique pick is rock-solid. She can also hop on the gender-neutral train with the funky nickname Lou, a la unspeakably hip French model (and daughter of Jane Birkin) Lou Doillon.



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