A Roman clan name of uncertain etymology, Anthony is a hugely popular name in America, and has been for years. Meaning “priceless one,” and appearing in Shakespearean plays (Antony and Cleopatra), a patron saint, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the likable television mobster Tony Soprano, this versatile moniker fits perfectly on just about anyone lucky enough to call it his own.


  • english:
  • greek:
  • latin: Priceless one


Alternative Spellings

Syllables: 3

International Variations

Famous Namesakes:

Actor Anthony Hopkins, Actor Anthony Perkins, Actor Anthony Quinn, Actor Antonio Banderas, Composer Antonin Dvorak, Musician Anthony Kiedis, Actor Anthonry Anderson

Celebrity Babies:

Son of Joan Collins, Son of Jerry Lewis, Son of Gregory Peck, Son of Veronica Lake, Son of Angela Lansbury, Son of Alan Arkin