In the Old Testament, Joshua fought the battle of Jericho (hence, the song) and led the Isrealites to the Promised Land. The Book of Joshua bears his name. According to legend, Mormon pioneers named the rare desert trees in California’s Joshua Tree National Park after the biblical figure. The gentle-sounding Joshua is a perennial boys name favorite among parents, so be forewarned that yours may not be the only Joshua running around the block.


  • hebrew: The Lord is my salvation


Alternative Spellings

Syllables: 3

International Variations

Famous Namesakes:

Actor Josh Brolin, Actor Josh Holloway, Actor Josh Duhamel, Singer Josh Groban, Actor Josh Hutcherson, Actor Josh Hartnett

Celebrity Babies:

Son of Ali McGraw, Son of Faith Evans, Son of Donny Osmond, Son of James Van Der Beek, Son of James Brolin