Regal and staid Kendrick has become a consistently popular boys’ name in contemporary times. This name of English, Scottish and Welsh origin is one your son will have to grow into as Kendrick for a bouncing baby boy sounds a bit too stiff. Imagine yourself yelling “Get over here, Kendrick!” or “Don’t touch that Kendrick!” Feels weird, no? But for a grown man, Kendrick is a name that conveys a certain tone of authority with a dash of rebellious coolness. What a difference a few years make!


  • gaelic:
  • scottish: Royal power
  • welsh: Greatest champion

Alternative Spellings

Syllables: 2

Famous Namesakes:

Foorball player Kendrick Alexander, Basketball player Kendrick Perkins, Football player Kendrick Lewis, Rapper Kendrick Lamar

Celebrity Babies:

Son of Kelly Stables