From the Shakespearean play Henry V


  • english:
  • german: Noble, of the nobility; Alice is a variant of the old French name Adelais, a form of Adelaide, and the Germanic Adalheidis.


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Famous Namesakes:

The name of several princesses, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of President Teddy Roosevelt, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Alice Walker, author, Alice Munro, short-story writer and novelist, Alice Hoffman, novelist, Alice Sebold, author, "Alice''s Restaurant," a 1967 Arlo Guthrie song, Go Ask Alice, an anonymously written 1971 memoir, i>Alice Doesn''t Live Here Anymore, a 1974 film, Alice Doesn''t Live Here Anymore, a 1974 film, Alice in Chains, grunge rock band, Alice Cooper, rocker

Celebrity Babies:

Daughter of Tina Fey (Alice Zenobia), daughter of Tom Cavanaugh