Isabel is generally considered a medieval Spanish form of Elizabeth and is a royal name in Spain and Portugal. Isabel and its variants (Isabelle, Isabella, Bella) are also extremely popular names topping all of the charts in recent years thanks in part to a little book called Twilight. It’s easy to see its appeal—it’s romantic, exotic and while not unique, a beautiful sounding name.


  • english: Variation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
  • latin: My God is bountiful; God of plenty
  • spanish: Devoted to God, God's promise


Alternative Spellings

Syllables: 3

International Variations

Famous Namesakes:

Designer Isabel Marant, Actress Isabel Lucas

Celebrity Babies:

Daughter of Annette Bening and Warren Beatty, Daughter of Angela Kinsey, Daughter of Stanley Tucci