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Million Dollar Baby

  • Million Dollar Baby: Oscar-inspired names for your coming attraction 1 of 33

  • Million Dollar Baby #2 Girls 2 of 33

  • Million Dollar Baby #3 Rose 3 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: RoseOrigin: Latin; Meaning: a flowering shrub What would James Cameron's classic, Titanic, be without its strong heroine, Rose? It remains the most awarded film, with 14 Oscar nominations and 11 wins, and was the highest grossing film until Cameron's follow-up directorial effort, Avatar, in 2010. Although Kate Winslet did not take home a statue for her portrayal of Rose, the nomination did secure her place as an A-list actress and was the Academy's way of saying they will never let her go.

  • Million Dollar Baby #4 Annie 4 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: AnnieOrigin: Hebrew; Meaning: grace and favor
    Try as all of Hollywood might, no one, including Woody Allen, can make another Annie Hall. Considered by many to be Allen’s best work, the film won four Academy Awards in 1978, including Best Picture. Allen’s longtime muse, Diane Keaton, played the part of Annie and was so influential to the character that her own clothes were used for all of Annie’s costume choices — much to the chagrin of the costume designer.

  • Million Dollar Baby #5 Claudette 5 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: ClaudetteOrigin: French; Meaning: lame
    Claudette Colbert was nominated for three Best Actress Academy Awards throughout her career, and won in 1935 for her outstanding comedic performance in It Happened One Night. The film was the first to win all five major Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay), and is one of the few romantic comedies ever to win Best Picture.

  • Million Dollar Baby #6 Muriel 6 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: MurielOrigin: Gaelic; Meaning: sparkling
    Muriel Box was the first woman ever to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1946, which she shared with her husband and writing partner, Sydney, for The Seventh Veil. She remains one of only a handful of women whom have taken home the award in the Oscars' 84-year history — meaning Hollywood is still in need of many more Muriels, even after all these years.

  • Million Dollar Baby #7 Sofia 7 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: SofiaOrigin: Greek; Meaning: wisdom Sofia Coppola is possibly the most prolific modern female filmmaker, having received an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation in 2003. The win made her a third-generation Oscar winner, following in the footsteps of her father, Francis Ford Coppola, and grandfather, Carmine Coppola. She was nominated for Best Director for the same film, and was the first American woman — and third woman overall — to ever be nominated for the award.

  • Million Dollar Baby #8 Scarlett 8 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: ScarlettOrigin: English; Meaning: red There has perhaps never been a more complex female character than Scarlett O'Hara, created by author Margaret Mitchell and brought to life on the big screen by Vivien Leigh in the film adaptation of Gone with the Wind. Considered by many to be the greatest film of all time, it received 10 Academy Awards in 1939 — a record that stood for 20 years until it was surpassed by Ben-Hur.

  • Million Dollar Baby #9 Edith 9 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: EdithOrigin: English; Meaning: prosperous in war The record for the most Academy Awards won by a woman is held by costume designer Edith Head. Edith won eight awards from a staggering career total of 35 nominations. Her winning films ranged drastically in style and decade, and included The Heiress, Samson and Delilah, All About Eve, A Place in the Sun, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, The Facts of Life, and The Sting. She accepted all, of course, in impeccable style.

  • Million Dollar Baby #10 Lina 10 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: LinaOrigin: Arabic; Meaning: delicate, compassionate Lina Wertmuller was the first woman ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for directing in 1976 for her film Seven Beauties. Only three other women have been nominated for the Best Director award to this day, with the first ever win going to Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker just two years ago.

  • Million Dollar Baby #11 Katharine 11 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: KatharineOrigin: Greek; Meaning: pure While Audrey might be the most famous Hepburn actress for her timeless looks, Katharine was the one to take home the most golden men. She won four Best Actress Academy Awards throughout her career for Morning Glory, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, The Lion in Winter, and On Golden Pond.

  • Million Dollar Baby #12 Meryl 12 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: MerylOrigin: Gaelic; Meaning: bright as the sea What's an Academy Awards show without Meryl Streep? Meryl has so far received an impressive 17 nominations (winning two for Kramer vs. Kramer and Sophie's Choice), as well as 26 Golden Globe nominations (winning eight), making her more nominated for both awards than any other actor in history.

  • Million Dollar Baby #13 Taylor 13 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: TaylorOrigin: English; Meaning: a tailor Elizabeth Taylor won two Best Actress trophies throughout the duration of her long acting career: one for Butterfield 8 and one for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Perhaps her greatest recognition from the Academy, however, was an honorary humanitarian award for her work raising awareness for AIDS research and prevention.

  • Million Dollar Baby #14 Bette 14 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: BetteOrigin: Hebrew; Meaning: God's promise Bette Davis was a ten-time nominee and two-time Academy Award winner, taking home trophies for her first two nominations, Dangerous in 1935 and Jezebel in 1938. While she was often looked to as a symbol of beauty — even well into the ‘90s with the hit song "Bette Davis Eyes" — there's no denying Davis was a skilled professional as well.

  • Million Dollar Baby #15 Ingrid 15 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: IngridOrigin: Scandinavian; Meaning: Ing's beauty Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish-born actress who made quite the impression on movie viewers across the pond. Bergman took home three Oscars during her career, winning Best Actress in 1945's Gaslight and 1957's Anastasia, and Best Supporting Actress for 1974's Murder on the Orient Express — but she is most well-known for her turn in Casablanca, a film which took home three Academy Awards in 1944.

  • Million Dollar Baby #16 Grace 16 of 33


    GraceOrigin: Latin; Meaning: favor, blessing Grace Kelly completely lived up to her name, having been blessed with a successful, albeit brief, acting career in the 1950s. She earned a Best Actress award for her performance in The Country Girl (1954), before leaving Hollywood entirely to marry Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Whether your little girl dreams of becoming a glamorous movie star or a real-life princess, she can look up to her namesake for inspiration.

  • Million Dollar Baby #17 Hilary 17 of 33


    Hilary Origin: Latin; Meaning: cheerful Hilary Swank is best known for her gutsy performances in films like Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby, each of which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Swank came from humble beginnings, making it all the way from a trailer park in Washington state to Hollywood's A-list. With any luck, your little girl will be as talented and determined as her namesake — and if she lives up to this lovely name's meaning, she'll do it all with a smile!

  • Million Dollar Baby #18 Boys 18 of 33

  • Million Dollar Baby #19 Walt 19 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: WaltOrigin: Germanic; Meaning: ruler of the army Is it any surprise that the award for the most Academy Awards is held by none other than the original Mouseketeer himself? Walt Disney was nominated a whopping 59 times and won 22 Oscars throughout his career, including four honorary awards. In 1932, he received his first honorary award for the creation of Mickey Mouse, followed by an honorary award for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.

  • Million Dollar Baby #20 Alan 20 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: AlanOrigin: Irish; Meaning: handsome, cheerful Composer Alan Menken has won eight Academy Awards — the most of any composer to date — out of an impressive 20 nominations. From Little Shop of Horrors to Tangled, to Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Pocahontas, Menken has written some of the most memorable scores of the past few decades and continues to do so for new generations.

  • Million Dollar Baby #21 Hoke 21 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: HokeOrigin: Anglo-Saxon; Meaning: respected Who can forget the lovable Hoke Colburn from Driving Miss Daisy, the Academy Award winner for Best Picture in 1989? Portrayed on screen by Morgan Freeman, the actor didn't win an Academy Award until 2005's Million Dollar Baby, but his performance in Miss Daisy remains unforgettable. Hoke was last on the most popular baby names list in 1910 — 100 years later, it's due for a comeback!

  • Million Dollar Baby #22 Charlie 22 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: CharlieOrigin: Germanic; Meaning: free man While the tradition of the Academy Awards began after his time, Charlie Chaplin's impact on film has never been forgotten, and certainly did not go unrecognized at the first-ever Academy Awards, where he won an honorary award "for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing, and producing The Circus."

  • Million Dollar Baby #23 Clint 23 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: ClintOrigin: Old English; Meaning: fenced settlement It's hard to guess what goes on behind Clint Eastwood's steely exterior, but we're guessing he's always feeling at least a little lucky, punk. With one of the most impressive film careers ever, Eastwood is the oldest director to take home an Oscar statue — which he did at age 74 for Million Dollar Baby in 2005. He is also one of only a few people to be nominated for Best Actor and Best Director for the same film, which he has been twice so far for Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby.

  • Million Dollar Baby #24 Ford 24 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: FordOrigin: Old English; Meaning: river crossing John Ford's depiction of the West has defined images of the United States in films around the world since the beginning of his career. During his career, Ford won four Academy Awards for Best Director for his pictures The Informer, Stagecoach, The Grapes of Wrath, and How Green Was My Valley, making him the most awarded director in the history of the Oscars.

  • Million Dollar Baby #25 Wyler 25 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: WylerOrigin: Old English; Meaning: wheelmaker While John Ford might hold the record for taking home the most Best Director trophies, the honor of most-nominated director goes to William Wyler, who earned an impressive 12 throughout his career. While his film career consisted of over 20 years of directorial greatness, Wyler, ironically, was not known for giving the best … er … direction. He was known for telling the likes of Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda simply, "It stinks" and "Be better!".

  • Million Dollar Baby #26 Jackson 26 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: JacksonOrigin: Hebrew; Meaning: Jack's son Love him, hate him, or have a tattoo of his entire vision of the Shire on your back, no one can deny the epic effects Peter Jackson has had on film since he took on the daunting task of turning J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved Lord of the Rings into a cinematic trilogy. While all three pictures were nominated by the Academy, The Return of the King was the big winner, taking home 11 Oscars in total.

  • Million Dollar Baby #27 Cedric 27 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: CedricOrigin: Old English; Meaning: kindly and loved As if 11 Academy Awards for Art Direction weren't enough, Cedric Gibbons is also credited with the creation of the Oscar statuette itself! Add a career full of 39 nominations to his stats, and it's safe to say Cedric might as well be another name for overachiever.

  • Million Dollar Baby #28 Coen 28 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: CoenOrigin: Germanic; Meaning: experienced advisor
    The Coen brothers are the only sibling team ever to be nominated for any Academy Award, sharing nominations and wins for No Country for Old Men and True Grit. Joel alone was nominated for Fargo in 1997 and was also the only brother to attend film school, graduating from NYU, while Ethan studied philosophy at Princeton.

  • Million Dollar Baby #29 Martin 29 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: MartinOrigin: Latin; Meaning: dedicated to Mars With a filmography boasting such amazing pictures as Taxi DriverRaging Bull, and Goodfellas, one would think Martin Scorsese would be rolling in Oscar gold. However, this NYU alum has only been honored once by the Academy, when he took home the statue for Best Director for The Departed in 2006.

  • Million Dollar Baby #30 Steven 30 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: StevenOrigin: English; Meaning: crown, garland While he is a major Hollywood player and a household name, Steven Spielberg has only won the coveted Best Director Oscar twice — forSchindler's List and Saving Private Ryan — and Best Picture once, for Schindler's List. His screen adaptation of War Horse was nominated for Best Picture last year. While it may seem like Spielberg has been lightly recognized by the Academy, he is still doing better than his pal George Lucas, who has yet to win his first competitive Oscar.

  • Million Dollar Baby #31 Oscar 31 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: OscarOrigin: Old English; Meaning: spear of the gods After the lifetime performance that is giving birth, you deserve an Oscar! The origins of the famous statuette's moniker have been up for debate, as stories have credited several different people with nicknaming the award. The Academy officially designated the golden trophy as "Oscar" in 1939.

  • Million Dollar Baby #32 Cooper 32 of 33



    CooperOrigin: Old English; Meaning: barrel maker Gary Cooper was a perennial Best Actor nominee in the 1940s and ‘50s, winning twice for Sergeant York (1941) and High Noon (1952). Although Gary is a fine name in its own right, it's the star's last name that has struck our fancy — Cooper has a decidedly modern feel and last names as first names are so on trend right now. Cooper was known for his versatility, making his mark in a number of genres from westerns and noirs to comedies and dramas. With a name like this, your little one's talents are sure to be just as diverse!

  • Million Dollar Baby #33 Forrest 33 of 33


    Baby names inspired by the Oscars: ForrestOrigin: English; Meaning: dweller near the woods Tom Hanks is one of only two men to win the Best Actor award two years in a row (the first was Spencer Tracy), which he did in 1993 and '94. Pay homage to Hanks by naming your baby boy after one of his most beloved characters (and the role that won him his second Oscar!) — Forrest Gump. With a name like this, it's only right that your son inherit a combination of Tom's wit, talent, and penchant for success and Forrest's kindness and determination.

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