Baby Names

Looking for a baby name? Not sure where to turn? Don't fret. To help you along, we thought we'd give you 10 names for every category of thing you can imagine.

Like advice columnists? Maybe you want to name your daughter Abby or Ann. British kings? How about Edward, Henry, or George?

Plus, now's your chance to find out 10 champion bowlers, 10 famous spies, or 10 names presidents gave their pets (we left out Calvin Coolidge's lion cubs "Budget Bureau" and "Tax Reduction"

SOURCE: Nobody official, just a clever girl at Babble named Lauren.

PHOTO: Zalmay Khalilzad

United Nations Ambassadors from the US

  • 1. Zalmay (Khalilzad)

  • 2. Vernon (Walters)

  • 3. Madeleine (Albright)

  • 4. Henry

    (Cabot Lodge, Jr.)

  • 5. James

    (Wadsworth, Wiggins)

  • 6. Alejandro

    (Daniel Wolff)

  • 7. Jeane (Kirkpatrick)

  • 8. Herschel (Johnson)

  • 9. Anne (Patterson)

  • 10. George

    (H. W. Bush)


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