Punch Recipes for the Baby Shower


How about a nice Hawaiian … well, you know the rest. Our punch recipes are so good you’ll be looking for excuses to toast the mom-to-be over and over again.

Perfect Fruit Punch 1 of 8
Add a little of this and a lot of that to a pitcher and what do you get? The perfect fruit punch for the shower. Really!

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Sparkling Star Punch 2 of 8
This brightly colored party punch can be dressed up with an optional ring of frozen berries and (for those who like its distinctive licorice flavor) bits of floating star anise.

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Sun Tea Punch 3 of 8
Here's an iced tea that's just right for kids and adults—and the mom-to-be who's sure to be watching her caffeine intake. It gets its zip from fruit slices and fresh mint, not caffeine.

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Creamy Hawaiian Punch 4 of 8
Pineapple-grapefruit juice, orange soda, and lime sherbet come together to make a creamy and delicious drink.

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Lime Punch 5 of 8
Lime sherbet takes center stage again in this citrusy, creamy concoction. Garnish with slices of lemon and lime. What could be simpler?

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Tropical Fruit Punch 6 of 8
Here is a delicious punch that you can alter or add to as the (pregnancy) mood strikes. Garnish with melon or cantaloupe balls and be sure to pass the toothpicks so the guests can snack on them as well!

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Berry Punch 7 of 8
What do you get when you combine ginger ale, pink lemonade, and two different sorbets? A sweet and berry-licious punch that's so simple to whip up.

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Rainbow Ice Cubes 8 of 8
Not serving punch? Frozen fruit cubes transform any drink into a rainbow of colors. Even plain ol' water looks irresistible served with these fun ice cubes.

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