1 Parent, 2 Sick Kids, 48 Hours. And..Go!


stop watchThat’s right. My very helpful husband is leaving on a 48 hour business trip that begins tonight when he heads to the East coast on the redeye. This leaves me with two snotty little ones, including one with a cough, a very messy house, and the very real possibility (read: anxiety) of very little sleep for me.

Right now I’m at a crossroads between survival mode and total and complete nervous breakdown. Neither of these are my happy place.

I have some help. Shnook will be with his babysitter for a good chunk of tomorrow and Wednesday, provided he feels okay.  But, the day is long and the nights are longer (at least the parts when I’m awake). I’m mostly worried about… having two kids that wake up in the night, and then having to get up with little/no sleep, and you know, take care of them? Feed them, clothe them, diaper/potty, make sure no one gets injured? Oh and make sure I also get to pee and eat once in a while? And also get work done? Then repeat the next night? And continue to have brain function for two days (preferably longer)?

Shnook pooped in the tub tonight so I have to go clean it. Bad start.

I need words of encouragement and advice!! How can I get through this without becoming like a steam-rolled character from a Tom and Jerry cartoon?

Photo: Flickr/wwarby