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10 Nasty Things Your Baby Wants To Suck On

By emily |

Paul has recently found his hands, fists and fingers. They are so fun!

He stares at them, waves them around in front of his face, and of course puts them in his mouth. His new favorite activity is sucking on his pointer finger. Apparently, it taste sooooo good.

But if he loves to suck on his fingers, I bet he’ll love to suck on other things as well. Paul is my fourth baby, and over the last 8 years, I’ve learned the hard way about all the super disgusting things that can potentially find their way into a newly on the move baby.

10 Nasty things babies love to put in their mouth:

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10 Nasty Things Your Baby Wants To Suck On

Grocery store cart handles

I used to think those fabric cart cover things were silly looking, and then I became a mother. There's nothing more gross than finding your adorable baby sucking on a germ infested cart handle.
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So what did I miss? Once your baby became mobile, what nasty little nuggets did your baby bring to his lips?
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9 thoughts on “10 Nasty Things Your Baby Wants To Suck On

  1. Stefanie says:

    Ugh. My son is in the rolling/scooting on his back stage, though he’s pretty slow. I was pumping the other day on my lunch break while my husband ran some errands and my son was on the floor playing. He finally makes his way over near our dog’s Kong. I would say his name and he’d look up and you could tell he knew he was doing something wrong. Finally he picked it up and stuck it in his mouth. So gross.

  2. Jude Strib says:

    Oh wow. Not the toilet brush! I don’t look forward to this stage.

  3. Cassandra Watson says:

    Our son loves his index finger too!!! He actually loves all fingers and tries to put many in his mouth at the same time. I just keep them clean and lotioned (he sucks so hard on some of them that they are dry). Besides my shoulder which seems to be another common place to suck on, I caught him sucking on my knee the other day. My jeans can’t taste that good! I agree with the shopping cart thing. Even when I first had my baby I thought those cloth covers were a waste but not anymore. We still use the car seat but will be getting some kind of cover when we get to that point.

  4. Kayley says:

    my daughter would try to suck on our toes! gross!!!

  5. Nicole Bowen says:

    I’ll see that, and raise you! We were renting a house when we moved to a new town. The owner did not pay for pest control, and in the South, you know the bugs are crazy!!! I was spraying roaches, and saw my 1 yr. old foaming at the mouth… He was eating a dying sprayed roach!!!

  6. jenn says:

    My daughter (7 months) puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. She sleeps with me and I’ve woken up several times to her sucking my hair. Ewwwww.

  7. Ellen says:

    Keys!!!! How did you forget keys???!!

  8. Jodi Rives says:

    My oldest daughter could not be kept away from the box of unopened tampons. Anytime she got quiet, I knew she had crawled into the bathroom for one. She even started chomping on one she pulled out of the side pocket of the diaper bag in a restaurant once. Although unused tampons are as sanitary as any paper product, I’m sure, seeing an infant chewing on one is truly a heinous sight. She also liked to suck Drakkar Noir out of the bottle and ate a snail shell and all. Gross.

  9. Samira says:

    my daughter is famous for the shoes and socks and hair balls pulled from the carpet and little pieces of paper but the grossest has to be her dirty diapers if I don’t pick them up and throw them away even before i put a new one on she has it like some kind of hogie sandwich between her teeth its just gross i’ve learned to roll em and put them in the trash asap so she has no chance to grab and bite them

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