10 Things I Used To Do Before I Was A Mom


Before I Was a Mom...Life was obviously quite different in my pre-mommy days, and today during Fern’s nap I spent a bit of time pondering it. What was life like before I became a mom? It seems so long ago (even though it’s only been 7 months), but if I search the innermost corners of my mind, I can still remember bits and pieces of my childless days.

Here are 10 things I used to do before I was a mom…



  • I Did crafty projects 1 of 10
    I Did crafty projects
    Oh the free time I had in those pre-baby days! Want to make a super time consuming craft off Pinterest? Perfect! I had all the time in the world.
  • I had a more diverse Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed 2 of 10
    I had a more diverse Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed
    If you followed me on social media these days you would definitely see a feed that's heavy on the baby photos.
  • Blogging was a breeze 3 of 10
    Blogging was a breeze
    There wasn't a baby wanting my attention, so I could blog here and there whenever I got a free moment, but nowadays, blogging has been relegated to nap times and after Fern is in bed.
  • I had time to make complicated dinners 4 of 10
    I had time to make complicated dinners
    In the pre-baby days I had time to get fancy, but now the crock pot and the BBQ are my best friends.
  • I could accessorize 5 of 10
    I could accessorize
    Technically I can still accessorize, but I usually end up taking off my necklaces after a few minutes with Fern, because she likes to yank on them and put them in her mouth.
  • My nails were painted 6 of 10
    My nails were painted
    Now, whenever I try to paint my nails I end up having to do damage control and smudge them and if I do get time to paint them they get all chipped before I have a chance to take off the polish.
  • I could eat out at restaurants 7 of 10
    I could eat out at restaurants
    We still eat at restaurants, but it takes a bit more thought with a baby who grabs everything and wants to be held while you're eating. Sometimes, it's just easier to stay home.
  • I didn’t have to think about my alcohol consumption 8 of 10
    I didn't have to think about my alcohol consumption
    I've never been a big drinker, but on occasion, I might have two drinks instead of just one, but with breastfeeding, I am much more cautious.
  • I hated grocery shopping 9 of 10
    I hated grocery shopping
    I still hate grocery shopping, but when I manage to get one of the grandparents to babysit while I do it? Well, then it's a regular vacation!
  • I didn’t have this sweet smile to cheer up my days 10 of 10
    I didn't have this sweet smile to cheer up my days
    Despite all of the things that don't quite fit into my life now, I wouldn't trade it for the world. This sweet smile makes it all worth it!


What  things did you used to do before you were a mom?


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