10 Tips For New Dads: And The New Moms Who Married Them


My very favorite thing in the entire world–nay, the entire Universe of Planets and Solar Systems!–happened Monday night in my very own little kitchen. My husband, gazing into my baby’s eyes, sighed and said, “I sure love being a Dad.”

Cue the melting!

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing from the beginning, I’ll tell you. For starters, men often feel at a loss when that little bundle comes home and becomes the entirety of mama’s life. And it certainly doesn’t help that whenever dad tries to hold baby . . . wailing and gnashing of gums. Am I right?

Not to mention: Boob Envy.

You know it’s a real thing!

Slowly but surely we’ve found a good parenting rhythm, but it hasn’t been without a few hiccups.

Check out these 10 Tips for New Dads, and then tell me here how you divide up parenting tasks with your partner. You know, work in progress, and etc.

(As for me and my house, we like the Dad Takes The First Shift trick, because ohhhhhh sleeeeeeeeeep.)

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