100 Things I Love Now that I'm a Mom: Top 10 FORMER PET PEEVES

I want to munch them!

There are many things that I loved before I was a mom like high-thread-count sheets, painting watercolor and Ben Folds. I still love those things but there is also a new list. A list of the things that I didn’t realize I would love, or appreciate, or simply not despise, once I became a mom. 100’s of things. So many things that I had to categorize them. We did FASHION, PEOPLE, BEAUTY, CONVENIENCES, ENTERTAINMENT & KIDDO CARE. Up next: FORMER PET PEEVES

What once grossed you out but now makes you smile?

Pet peeves:
1. Sharing an ice cream cone
2. Hearing someone else eat
3. Someone falling asleep on top of you
4. Watching someone poop in the toilet
5. Painting someone else’s toes
6. Putting toes in my mouth
7. Being mimicked
58. Accepting help
9. Fart jokes
10. Accepting advice

And You?