100 Things I Love Now that I'm a Mom: Top 10 KIDDO CARE

#11 Anything that restrains them. Just. Kidding.

There are many things that I loved before I was a mom like; Greek salad, my straightening iron and birthday ta-do’s. I still love those things but there is also a new list. A list of the things that I didn’t realize I would love, or appreciate, or simply not despise, once I became a mom. 100’s of things. So many things that I had to categorize them. We did FASHION, PEOPLE, BEAUTY, CONVENIENCES & ENTERTAINMENT: Next Up: KIDDO CARE

What are your essentials for keeping the munchkin set in line?

1. The perfect swaddling blanket
2. Detangler
3. Velcro
4. The perfect sippy cup
5. Non-skid socks
6. Handicap stalls
7. Diaper Genie
8. Hooded Towels
9. Hats with chin straps
10. Snack Traps

And you?