100 Things I Love Now that I'm a Mom: Top 10 PEOPLE

"Wait til you're a mother"
Crap, "Wait til you're a mother" was true.

There are many things that I loved before I was a mom, like; A perfect blow out, people who bought drinks, Marc Jacobs and pizza. I still love all those things but there is also a new list. A list of the things that I didn’t realize I would love, or appreciate, or simply not despise, once I became a mom. 100’s of things. So many things that I had to categorize them. We did FASHION first. Next Up: PEOPLE

WHO do you appreciate more now that you’re a Hot Mess Mommy?

1. People who hold open the door
2. People who know CPR
3. People who know not to ring the bell…
4. People who understand when they don’t get a return call
5. Teachers
6. People who remind me to step out from behind the camera
7. Internet friends
8. Mothers of screaming toddlers
8. Neighbors of babysitting age
9. Friends with hand-me-downs
10. My Mom

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