100 Things I Love Now that I'm a Mom: Top 10 WELLNESS

What do you love for mind & body wellness now that you're a mom?
Sweet sweet baby head.

There are many things that I loved before I was a mom like good running shoes, a new spring handbag, a massage gift certificate and a compliment. I still love those things but there is also a new list. A list of the things that I didn’t realize I would love, or appreciate, or simply not despise, once I became a mom. 100’s of things. So many things that I had to categorize them. We’ve done FASHION, PEOPLE, BEAUTY, CONVENIENCES, ENTERTAINMENT , KIDDO CARE & FORMER PET PEEVES, TRAVEL, PLAY-TIME and now, the final list: WELLNESS

What makes you feel good mind & body now that your a mom?

1. A two night vacation in the hospital
2. Mesh underwear
3. Gym daycare
4. Health Insurance
5. Tylenol
6. Coffee & Wine (The title of my future memoir perhaps)
7. The boobs. First-time cleavage at 32 put a skip in my step.
8. Fresh air
9. More than 3 hours sleep in a row. Finally happened this week. Bliss!
10. Baby head smell. The best medicine.

So we’ve come to the end of the list of 100 Things I Love Now That I’m A Mom. What did I miss?

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