12 Beloved Book Characters To Name Your Baby Girl After


While you’ve been browsing those baby name books for months, the inspiration for the perfect baby girl name may be right in front of you. Take a look back to those classic, beloved book characters you fell in love with on chapter one. All of those gals from the pages of a book you read early-on in childhood resurface into great inspiration for your baby girl. Nameberry shared 12 favorites in literary so I thought I would share my favorite characters to inspire your baby girls name.

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  • Eloise 2 of 13

    Everyone knows the darling 6-year-old girl who resides at the Plaza. Believe it or not, Eloise was actually one of the names on my baby girl list. As Eloise says, "If you love love love Eloise, who doesn't?" 

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  • Fern 3 of 13

    You quickly fell in love with the relationship between farm girl Fern and Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. One of my favorites, it's becoming more and more popular each year. 

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  • Madeline 4 of 13

    A true classic, 60 years after its first publications and I am still reading the sweet story of Madeline. The Madeline books are the most honored over the years so it makes the perfect name for your little girl. 

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  • Coraline 5 of 13

    We were introduced to Coraline Jones in the adventurous, fantasy book which later was made into an animated film and became very popular. Cora makes a great nickname to Coraline. 

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  • Harriet 6 of 13

    The well-known "Harriet The Spy" published in 1964 is a solid name for a girl. Being off the name list since 1970 in the United States, it still making an appearance in the UK for those who want a serious name. 

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  • Matilda 7 of 13

    A very popular name thanks to Ronald Dahl and the late Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams who chose Matilda. Matilda has one of my favorite nicknames, Mattie. Isn't that just oh-so-cute? 

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  • Pippi 8 of 13

    While you might have loved "Pippi Longstocking", it isn't one of my favorites for a baby girl name. However, let it inspire other P names like Pippa and Piper. Now those are loveable yet inspired by the adventurous Pippi. 

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  • Meg 9 of 13

    Up 70% this week according to NameBerry, Meg, the oldest sister of Little Women is short for Margaret or Megan. But, looking at the character in the classic book "Little Women", Meg is sophisticated, chic and stylish compared to Maggie just like the character she played. 

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  • Ramona 10 of 13

    Ramona, the third grader who shows us that being eight years old is anything but easy! The popular series by Beverly Clearly, Ramona, is the feminine form of Ramon which is Spanish and Old English decent and means "protecting hands." 

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  • Posy 11 of 13

    Posy makes the list after the novel, "Ballet Shoes"  in 1936 which features 3 sisters - Petrova, Pauline and Posy. A nickname or Josephine, Posy recently gained popularity again in The Hunger Games. It is a sweet and charming floral name. 

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  • Lyra 12 of 13

    A mischievous 12-year-old, Lyra is the character of "His Dark Materials", a 1990's fantasy trilogy. New choices similar to Lyra that have popped up on baby name lists our Mila, Cyra and Aria.

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  • Flossie 13 of 13

    We all remember the classic series, The Bobbsey Twins, the characters were a set of twins, Bert and Nan who had 2 younger sisters Flossie and Freddie. The series was long running from 190-1978. Florence, is an old-fashioned name making a comeback which bring you cute vintage nicknames like Flossie. 

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