13 Apps For New Moms

Apps to help moms!

New motherhood is crazy.

There are feedings, pediatrician appointments, record keeping for your little one, taking pictures — all the stuff that new moms want to do and often feel pressured to keep up with.

But now with the amazing technology we have today, iPhone apps make the process so much easier! Whether you need a calendar to keep your appointments straight, or Instagram to document your little one’s growth — there is an app for everything!

I put together a list of some of my favorites, and some of the readers’ favorites.

And if you have one that you really love or couldn’t live without, be sure to comment below and share for all the other moms out there who are looking for some help keeping motherhood organized!

  • Instagram 1 of 13
    Who doesn't love taking pictures of their baby?
    I know that Instagram helps me a ton with not only taking the photos, but storing them.
    Most new moms I know love it, and of course abuse it as well!
    Click here to download Instagram
    Instagram is Free!
  • Evernote 2 of 13
    Can't type but you need to make a note, or remember something?
    I know that happened to me a number of times caring for my daughter in the past couple months!
    This is where Evernote comes in perfectly! You can record notes, phrases, or whatever and listen to it later on in the day.
    You can also use Evernote as a notebook to record things like milestones before you can write them down in a baby book.
    It is like a personal assistant inside your phone!
    Click here to download and learn more about Evernote
    Evernote is Free!
  • Wunderlist 3 of 13
    Lists are amazing for new moms.
    Need to do a couple loads of laundry? Make sure you make an appointment? Have to bring the dog for a walk?
    Put it in your list! And check them all off as you go along!
    Wunderlist has helped me a ton! I have been so much more productive, and it has helped me to remember all those things I would have forgot in my baby brain haze.
    Click here to sign up for and download Wunderlist
    Wunderlist is Free!
  • TMZ 4 of 13
    Who doesn't need their daily dose of celebrity gossip when you are busy taking care of your baby and can't get onto the computer?
    I know I do... I am a sucker for celebrity gossip, but I am also way too bored when I am nursing, or trying not to move or wake a sleeping baby up.
    Mommy can have some fun too!
    Click here to download the TMZ app!
    TMZ is Free!
  • LactMed 5 of 13
    Make sure you have this app!
    It helps you to look up all kinds of medications to make sure your baby won't be effected by anything you may have to take!
    I know it has been extremely helpful to me in the almost nine months I have been nursing!
    Click here to download LactMed
    LactMed is Free!
  • Family Organizer 6 of 13
    Family Organizer
    Have more than one child?
    Maybe just a busy spouse who you want to be able to track down when you need to?
    Family Organizer is perfect because it helps you to organize everyone in your family, baby and all!
    Click here to download Family Organizer
    Family Organizer is Free!
  • Mom Maps 7 of 13
    Mom Maps
    Ever wonder where you and your baby can go to meet with other moms, and find kids for your little one to interact with?
    This app is for you!
    I know that I am always looking for moms who have kids around the same age, and age-friendly groups for my daughter to interact with!
    Click here to learn more about Mom Maps
    Mom Maps is $2.99
  • Nursing Tracker 8 of 13
    Nursing Tracker
    Is it your first time?
    You will probably be staring at the clock, forgetting which breast your nursed from last, and wrack your brain trying to remember how long your little one nursed.
    Not anymore! Download Nursing Tracker and put it to use!
    Click here to download Nursing Tracker
    Nursing Tracker is $4.99!
  • Zulily 9 of 13
    Do you love scoring a good deal?
    What about shopping directly from your cell phone?
    You have got to download the Zulily app and feed your shopping addiction!
    Score some stuff for yourself, and your new baby at the best prices out there!
    Click here to download the Zulily App
    Zulily is Free!
  • Pocket First Aid & CPR 10 of 13
    Pocket First Aid & CPR
    Being a new mom can be scary.
    Your mind is always racing and wondering what the heck to do if something ever happened.
    Download the first aid and CPR app from the American Heart Association and ease your fears!
    Click here to download the Pocket First Aid & CPR app
    Pocket First Aid & CPR is $3.99
  • iBabyLog 11 of 13
    Maybe you don't need a nursing tracker, but a way to track your infant who is formula fed?
    Or maybe you just want to track diaper changes, and all that fun stuff.
    Check out iBabyLog recommended by my reader Theresa!
    Click here to download iBabyLog
    iBabyLog is Free!
  • Cozi 12 of 13
    Another huge favorite of my readers!
    And one I love to use myself to organize my whole family!
    It is basically all the apps above rolled all into one and packaged nicely in an easy to use program.
    Click here to check out and download Cozi
    Cozi is Free!
  • Remember The Milk 13 of 13
    Remember The Milk
    Need a grocery list on your phone?
    Most of us do!
    This one is an easy to use list you can add to and check off at all times!
    Click here to check out and download Remember the Milk
    Remember the Milk is Free!

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