15 of the Happiest Babies on the Block

Happy happy joy joy
Bursting. With. Happy.

It’s hard not to look at a smiling baby and then smile yourself, right?

So imagine how easy it is to look at babies bursting with happiness and feel that same insane happiness that they must be feeling, too.

For some of the happiest, smiliest babies around, check out these photos. And be prepare to burst.

  • Baby O 1 of 15
    Baby O
    Oooooh, yeah! I mean, ooooh, brrrrrrr. It's f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!
  • Baby V 2 of 15
    Baby V
    I have a voice! Listen to it!
  • Baby Z 3 of 15
    Baby Z
    Loving you loving me!
  • Baby B 4 of 15
    Baby B
  • Baby V 5 of 15
    Baby V
    Tell me you didn't just say that!
    Giggle giggle giggle
    Photo credit: Casey Mullins
  • Baby J 6 of 15
    Baby J
    Hats! Everything goes better with hats!
  • Baby T 7 of 15
    Baby T
    Stuffed. Animals. Rule.
  • Baby A 8 of 15
    Baby A
    What's not to love about this bench?!
  • Baby M 9 of 15
    Baby M
    Who needs toys when you have a cool box like this one?!
  • Baby B 10 of 15
    Baby B
    Who you calling a pig?
    Oink oink
  • Baby E 11 of 15
    Baby E
    She's up!
  • Babies M & M 12 of 15
    Babies M & M
    Sibling love!
  • Baby L 13 of 15
    Baby L
    Three months old! Hooray!
  • Baby T 14 of 15
    Baby T
  • Baby G 15 of 15
    Baby G
    Not going anywhere . . . not by choice, anyway!

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll & friends

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