Wolfpack Baby

Startin' em young with the Wolfpack pride!

We took Arlo to his first NC State football game this weekend. I grew up my entire life as an NCSU fan. There is a photo of me at about 2 years old in a Wolfpack red t-shirt holding up my fingers in the sign of #1. In middle school, the first song I learned to play on my trombone was the NC State fight song… and when it came time to go to college, well I’m sure you can guess what school was my first choice.

So it’s been a really fun adventure to introduce both of my children to college football pride. The tailgating, the band, the cheerleaders… there is such an energy and excitement around game day that you have to experience first hand.

Arlo was a little unsure of all the noise at first. He snuggled himself right up against me and clung to my shirt. That behavior is really unlike him as he usually such an outgoing little guy, but he just needed some time to get his bearings. I did learn my lesson about cheering loudly as I stood up and yelled when we scored a touchdown and it put him immediately into tears.

I think this was the first game that I have ever spent sitting and letting out a very calm and collected “Woo hoo!” whenever we scored. It was such a blast to see my kiddos decked out in red and white and to watch them enjoy the unique experience of a college football game on a perfectly crisp fall day. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as instilling college pride as early as possible in the next generation!



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