20 Heartwarming Moments Between Sisters

There is nothing more fascinating as a mother than to watch the relationship develop between my two girls. As Avery gets older, she’s noticed the tremendous impact that Harlan has on her daily life and she absolutely loves it. Rather than doing her own thing and playing by herself, she now actively seeks out Harlan to play, roll around, and laugh.

There are so many times when I will sit back and watch them interact with one another and my heart swells with love and joy. I know that as a mother there is an incredible bond that we have with our children, but there is an entirely different bond that siblings share with one another. It’s a relationship that I, as their mom, will never understand, things that only sisters can do for one another.

The first person Harlan looks for when she wakes up in the morning is Avery. As soon as Avery hears her voice, her head immediately shoots up and she grins from ear to ear. There are times when Avery is upset and Harlan is the only one that can calm her down. It’s moments like these that make me so happy that they have one another in their lives. Take a look at 20 of my favorite moments of the girls that truly reveals what their sisterly relationship is all about.

  • Making Friends 1 of 20
    Making Friends
    We were out to dinner and someone from another table was smiling at Avery. Harlan went up beside her to try to get her to interact with her new "friend." It was so sweet to watch them interact with one another.
  • Musical Moments 2 of 20
    Musical Moments
    Every once in a while I let them play in their room together while I get stuff done around the house. I came in to check on them one time and find them both playing music. These two are definitely entertainers.
  • Bed Time Stories 3 of 20
    Bed Time Stories
    Harlan loves to read books before bed time. Her newest thing is to "read" Avery a book before she goes to bed because it's a little bit earlier than Harlan does.
  • Wake Up! 4 of 20
    Wake Up!
    Avery does not like when Harlan isn't around to play with her. Harlan fell asleep on the couch after school one day and Avery kept going over to the couch to do whatever she could to try to wake Harlan up. She didn't quite understand that Harlan was tired and couldn't play, but she did everything she could to try to get her up so she could have that attention from her sister.
  • Let me watch that! 5 of 20
    Let me watch that!
    There are some moments when Harlan just wants to be by herself and left alone. Avery doesn't quite get that yet, especially when electronics are involved. Harlan was trying to lay down and watch a movie and Avery just climbs on top of her to snatch it from her hand. The thing I love most about this was that Harlan doesn't get mad at Avery for doing it, she just nicely finds a way to get her involved in another toy.
  • We’re on a rocket ship! 6 of 20
    We're on a rocket ship!
    Harlan is very into pretend play right now. She always wants to get Avery involved on whatever adventure she has planned for the day. In this photo, they were on a rocket ship and Harlan was driving them to the moon. Although Avery had no clue what was going on, Harlan did her best to keep her entertained. She even pretended to make it a "bumpy" ride as they went up in the air bouncing up and down which made Avery laugh with delight.
  • Would you like an apple? 7 of 20
    Would you like an apple?
    During our fall apple picking trip Harlan made numerous trips back and forth from the apple tree to Avery to find the perfect apple to give to her. It was one of the sweetest moments.
  • Getting Her Hair 8 of 20
    Getting Her Hair
    The girls love to roll around with each other before bed time. Harlan was trying to make Avery laugh by blowing on her belly. Avery was trying to do the same, but wanted to grab Harlan's hair instead.
  • Little Mommy 9 of 20
    Little Mommy
    Harlan loves to try to act as a mommy figure around Avery. She sees me doing so many things that she starts to do them out of instinct. Both of the girls were standing at the gate watching me cook dinner when I turned and noticed Harlan sharing her snacks with Avery. Avery didn't have to lift a finger, because Harlan put the puff right in her mouth.
  • Just Lounging 10 of 20
    Just Lounging
    One of my favorite photos of the girls together. They were both sitting up together when I tried to get a photo. As soon as I get my camera out, Harlan pulls both of them down onto the blanket and they erupted into full on laughs. This picture was much better than anything I could have asked them to pose for.
  • Matching Morning Hugs 11 of 20
    Matching Morning Hugs
    I hardly ever buy the girls matching outfits, but found these pajamas and thought that they were too cute to pass up. Caught these girls hugging on each other in their matching pajamas and it was the cutest thing ever!
  • Let’s play dolls. 12 of 20
    Let's play dolls.
    Harlan loves to play dolls and has no problem sharing with Avery. I caught them playing with Cinderella and Prince Charming together. Harlan was making up a scenario for them as they played together.
  • Holding Hands 13 of 20
    Holding Hands
    These girls are so loving with one another. I caught them holding hands and neither wanted to let go. A favorite candid moment caught between these two.
  • Hug it Out 14 of 20
    Hug it Out
    I catch Harlan giving Avery hugs all the time. They can't get enough of one another and I absolutely love it.
  • Giggle Girls 15 of 20
    Giggle Girls
    There is nothing better than a sister that knows how to make you laugh. One thing these girls know how to do is to bring a smile to each other's faces.
  • Morning Hugs 16 of 20
    Morning Hugs
    Avery was crawling all over Harlan and Harlan took it as an opportunity to give her sister a hug.
  • A Kiss for the Flower 17 of 20
    A Kiss for the Flower
    Tried to get them both to smile for the camera. Harlan insisted on giving her a kiss instead. I was just as okay with that.
  • Time for Tea 18 of 20
    Time for Tea
    Harlan set up a picnic for her and Avery. It was complete with a tea party and everything. Another candid moment that made my heart swell.
  • Story Time 19 of 20
    Story Time
    I came in from cooking breakfast for the girls to find Harlan reading Avery a book and Avery was listening so well.
  • She Makes a Nice Drum 20 of 20
    She Makes a Nice Drum
    Harlan was cuddled up with Avery and rather than hugging her back, Avery started using Harlan as a drum. It was so funny and even Harlan didn't mind because she stayed cuddled up to her little sister.

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