25 Hilarious Baby Memes for New Moms


Ever since the I Can Haz Cheezeburger LOL cat craze – I have become infatuated with internet memes.

Every day, thousands of these silly images are spread across the internet featuring a picture that I am sure no one expected to go viral.

For new moms, we need a good laugh and these cute babies with funny captions will do just that! Enjoy and laugh. Some of these are TOO true not to!

25 Hilarious Baby Memes for New Moms

Perception vs Reality 1 of 25
Isn't this the truth!

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How Do I Put This? 2 of 25
You will never "sleep in" again.

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At Dawn 3 of 25
Image source Buzzfeed
Stop, Stop! 4 of 25
I'm gonna pee!

Image source Pinterest
At First I Was Like... 5 of 25
Then I was like...

Image source
He Took My Nose 6 of 25
I'll take his kneecaps!

Image source Funny or Die
Eating Watermelon 7 of 25
Like a boss! Image source
Incoming! 8 of 25
This baby does NOT look happy!

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Haha! 9 of 25
So we meet again!

Image source Pinterest
What Do You Mean Other Baby? 10 of 25
Janet, don't do this! You're my only playdate!

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How Did She Turn the Spoon... 11 of 25
...into an airplane?

Image source
I Don't Always Drink Milk, But When I Do... 12 of 25
I prefer dos boobies.

Image source
You Mean to Tell Me 13 of 25
Dora can't hear me?

Image source
Do Come In My Dear 14 of 25
Let me show you my crib.

Image source
Make Him An Offer 15 of 25
He must pay in juice.

Image source
Dad Says No 16 of 25
Mom says yes!

Image source
About to Beat the Hardest Boss in the Game? 17 of 25
Not anymore.

Image source
Oh Yes, the Other Children 18 of 25
They tasted wonderful.

Image source
Played Peek-a-boo Today 19 of 25
Does mommy think abandonment is funny?

Image source
Jingle Those Keys in My Face 20 of 25
One more time.

Image source
Play with My Toy 21 of 25
Feel my wrath.

Image source
No One Cuts Off My Internet 22 of 25
Can this baby call the Internet company for me next time our network is down? Image source
OMG! 23 of 25
That wasn't a fart.

Image source Pinterest
Stay Strong 24 of 25
Weekend is coming soon!

Image source Pinterest
How Am I Still Breathing? 25 of 25
If she has my nose?

Image source Tumblr
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