Ten Months Old!

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What a goof!

Someone please pass the tissues.  We’ve hit double digits.

Cullen’s ninth month was a wild one.  Pretty much everything changed eating, sleeping, walking, babbling he has grown up so much in such a short time.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but he has no interest in most of his toys anymore.  The only ones that he thinks are fun are the ones that make noise a singing dog, his drum, maracas, and puzzle pieces that he bangs together.  His room has this awesome sunroom/playroom attached that is filled with nothing but toys and his changing table.  And of course what is his favorite thing in the room?  His diaper pails.  Sigh.

He is a totally independent little guy, which is simultaneously awesome and slightly heartbreaking too.  He seems to need and want me less and less these days, which is a good thing he’s growing up.  I sneak hugs and snuggles wherever and whenever he will give them.

His nickname is stinker, and he more than lives up to it.  New tricks this month are tossing toys from the car seat, throwing his pacifier out of the crib (and then crying for it), eating anything made of paper, and dancing.  He does this hilarious bounce move when he hears his favorite songs.  Casey and I die laughing every time he does it.

He has this amazing curiosity about the world.  We leave everyday in the afternoon to go do something — the grocery store, a trip to the swings, a walk in the park, a play date with friends it doesn’t matter what.  He just really likes to be out of the house and around new noises and faces.  He gets too bored at home (okay, I do too).

He also loves playing with his baby friends.  They are all in an awkward phase where they want so badly to interact with each other, but don’t quite know how.  There is a lot of hair tugging, toy stealing, hat removing, and forehead bumping going on.

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I can honestly say that this month has been one of the most fun, and yet most exhausting months of my life.  He just goes and goes and goes, and when I finally kiss him goodnight and shut his nursery door, I usually feel like crawling into bed myself.  This boy is going to keep me young that much is for certain.  We have way too much fun.

The biggest development this month?  Walking!  In his nine month update, I wrote that he had started standing and taking one step with balance.  That changed just a few days later, and he’s gotten better and stronger with each passing day.  Now he is literally running down the halls.  He can even carry things as he goes.  (Belly button alert!)

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He is fast on his feet, and can take up to 20-25 steps or so now without falling to his hands.  The main difference is that now his preferred method of getting around is walking crawling is so last month!  He is upright basically all of the time.

He is finally sleeping through the night, which has made a huge difference in the quality of ALL of our sleep.  Unfortunately, I’m also battling another tough round of mastitis.  I’m prone to it anyway, and it crept up on me a few days ago not long after we dropped the night feeding.  It has been an ugly few days, but luckily dad stayed home today so that I could rest and recover, and Cullen got to spend some extra time with his favorite guy.

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Ten Month Rundown:

  • New Foods:  hummus, tortillas, tomatoes, bell pepper, beets.
  • Breastfeeding:  despite painful mastitis, we will make it to a year!  Still doing 4 feedings each day.
  • Teeth:  Seven four up, three down.
  • Noises:  Ava, dada, and AH! none seem to have any meaning yet.
  • Weight:  He was 18.5 lbs at the 9 month appt I’m feeding him as much as possible to keep up with all this new activity.
  • Likes:  Peekaboo, climbing on the dogs, eating his baby monitor, Sid the Science Kid, dancing, fish faces, splashing in the wading pools, climbing steps, watching mom get mad when he opens the diaper pail.
  • Dislikes:  Diaper changes, going under water, sitting in the high chair without food, seeing someone leave and close a door.

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