5 Baby Fashions I Could Never Get Away With


Have you ever noticed how cute babies look in mini versions of adult clothes? One of my favorite outfits on Little Bean is a pair of jeans and buttoned down shirt with a collar just like “Dada”. It’s adorable!

However, Dad dressed like Little Bean? Ummm … just not gonna work. Many cute baby fashions just don’t quite translate well as adult clothes. Case in point, these 5 items from Little Bean’s closet …

  • Striped Pants 1 of 5
    Striped Pants
    Ummmm yea. I don't think I'd be able to pull these off in any season.
  • Character On My Butt 2 of 5
    Character On My Butt
    Phrase on a butt? Maybe. Frog sticking its tongue out? I don't think so.
  • One-Piece Jumpsuit with Pattern 3 of 5
    One-Piece Jumpsuit with Pattern
    I couldn't even pull this off withOUT a pattern.
  • Velcro ‘Round-the-Head Sunglasses 4 of 5
    Velcro 'Round-the-Head Sunglasses
    He's cute wearing or holding them. Me? I'd just look like a dork.
  • Socks That Look Like Shoes 5 of 5
    Socks That Look Like Shoes
    I'm not sure I'd fool anyone with a pair of these — although I'd love to give it a try.

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