5 Cute Pieces, 7 Cute Outfits!


One of the most fun things about having a baby is dressing them. And redressing them after a blow out. And dressing them yet again when they drool all down the front of their shirt. Babies go through a lot of outfits, yo.

I tend to err on the side of cheap when I shop for baby clothes. Because I know that they will either be ruined by bodily fluids of some sort or the baby will outgrow them almost before you can take the tags off, I don’t want to invest a whole lot of money into their wardrobe. I also like to buy clothes that all work together. Since I know that at least one piece will have to come off during the day, it’s nice to have a replacement that works with the unsullied items so you don’t have to change the whole outfit or walk around with a drastically mismatched baby.

On a recent trip to Target, I picked out a few things that didn’t break the bank and all coordinated together nicely. Here are all the different ways that I figured out to pair up all the pieces!



  • Five Pieces 1 of 8
    Five Pieces
    These are the five pieces I bought - one three-piece set and two separates.
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  • Sassy Style 2 of 8
    Sassy Style
    The little frill over the jeans is such fun!
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  • Bably Got Black 3 of 8
    Bably Got Black
    For the hip baby!
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  • Stretchy Comfort 4 of 8
    Stretchy Comfort
    The onesie and leggings are great for an on-the-move baby.
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  • Festive Fun 5 of 8
    Festive Fun
    This little outfit pulls together perfectly.
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  • Bright and Toasty 6 of 8
    Bright and Toasty
    These layers will keep baby warm!
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  • Simple Play Clothes 7 of 8
    Simple Play Clothes
    What could be better than jeans and a shirt?
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  • Sleeveless and Sleek 8 of 8
    Sleeveless and Sleek
    For a warm day, this outfit is perfect!
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