5 Signs You Need to Break-Up with Your Pediatrician

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You are not married to your pediatrician, which means divorce shouldn't be a big deal if it's not working out

Besides your baby and significant other, one of the most important relationships in your life should be with your pediatrician. Since you probably don’t have a medical degree, you need someone whom you trust implicitly to care wisely and compassionately for your offspring.

But not every doctor is for every baby (or parent). And there are plenty of reasons why a doctor could a bad fit for your family, including if he or she is “overworked, bored or burned out.” The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to “go with your gut reaction,” according to “If you don’t feel good about a physician, go somewhere else. Remember that your best friend’s doctor may not be right for you and your family.”

Here are 5 signs it’s time to find a new pediatrician:


  • Indifferent 1 of 5
    Your baby's pediatrician isn't a family member. They see babies all day long, so if they don't oooh and aaah at how cute yours is, don't take it personally. At the same time, if your pediatrician doesn't seem to connect on any kind of an emotional level with you and your baby and can't manage to exude a little empathy or just comes across as cold and uncaring, it's probably not a good match. A pediatrician shouldn't act like you're a stranger every time you come into the office or brush off your concerns or your baby's reactions to anything.
  • Inconsiderate 2 of 5
    Doctors get a bad rap for keeping patients waiting. But if it's merited in the case of your pediatrician — like, if at each appointment you're waiting more than 20 minutes past your scheduled time to see the doctor — it's not unreasonable for you to consider switching practices. While emergencies happen, if a practice is consistently too busy to handle their current patient load, it might not bode well for how much quality time they'll have to spend with you and your baby in general.
  • Pushy 3 of 5
    Every time you go to the pediatrician's office, you shouldn't feel like you're in a new car showroom and someone's trying to sell you tire rims that you know you just don't need. It's one thing when a doctor occasionally recommends additional tests or procedures, but if it happens during every single visit, you should be wary. On the one hand, you want your doctor to be cautious about your baby's health. But on the other hand, if you question why something is needed and your doctor gets defensive, that's a warning sign. Doctors should welcome the fact that you're interested and invested in what's happening to your child.
  • Undereducated 4 of 5
    If you've read about a medical breakthrough but your baby's pediatrician is unaware of it, that might be a sign that he or she isn't keeping up with the latest developments in the field. What that could ultimately mean is that the prescribed medicine, recommended treatment, and other general advice aren't as beneficial as they could be. No doctor should be expected to know everything at every moment, and no one is perfect, but if you suspect your doctor is making mistakes or isn't up to speed on advancements in medicine and medical technology, it's probably time to move on to another practice.
  • Poor listener 5 of 5
    Poor listener
    It's one thing if your dry cleaner doesn't listen closely to your concerns about how your shirt should be laundered. After all, a ruined shirt can be replaced. But if your pediatrician isn't open to hearing your opinion on what might be ailing your baby, that's a serious problem. While no one wants to be told how to do his or her job, your baby's doctor shouldn't dismiss your questions and suggestions outright or make you feel dumb for asking. That goes for the rest of the office, too — from the receptionist to the billing department and nurses.

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