5 Ways to Make Diaper Changing Easier

As Avery gets older, diaper changing is becoming a bit more of a battle. The little one that used to just lay there while I changed her diaper, now wants to try to roll around everywhere and kick her legs while I am trying to change her. I should have taken more advantage of when she was just a wee little one and didn’t care that I changed her. Now everything is turned into a game. One that I find myself desperately trying to win.

Although I am no diaper changing expert, I have found ways to make the process go more smoothly for both of us. Here are 5 tips that have helped me make the diaper changing process easier:

1. Keep Your Changing Station Organized- There is nothing worse than needing to change a diaper and you have nothing prepared on the changing table. Make sure that before you put the baby down to change the diaper that you have the wipes and diapers ready to go. That way you aren’t scrambling trying to find things and the baby is just getting more and more restless.

2. Keep them Distracted-The process will go so much smoother if your little one is distracted from the fact that you are changing their diaper. I have a basket of toys on top of my changing table so that I can easily hand them over when she is getting fussy or just wants to roll over. The toys will help distract her for just the right amount of time and it allows me to change her diaper smoothly.

3. Keep Them Safe-There are straps on the changing pads for a reason. If you strap the baby in it will ensure that they are safe while up there, but it will also help keep them from wiggling. It is so important to make sure you use the safety straps on your little one when changing a diaper, especially as they get older. But make sure you are not using these straps as a false sense of security. Always have at least one hand on the baby at all times.

4. It’s OK to Ask for Help- I know sometimes as parents we don’t want to ask for help because we think we can do it all, but if your little one is being overly rambunctious during a diaper change, it’s ok to call in for reinforcement. Whether it’s a sibling or your significant other, just having someone else there can help ease your stress and also help keep the little one distracted for those couple extra minutes.

4. Enjoy It- We all know that diaper changing isn’t the most fun thing in the world. It definitely doesn’t make my list of top 5 things I love about being a parent. But it’s one of those things that just has to be done. If you don’t like it, don’t let your little one know that. Your energy will get passed on to them and you both will be miserable. Make it something that is fun for both of you. Let them know that you love changing their diaper and allow it to be a bonding time. The first time Avery laughed at me was when I was changing her diaper. I always try to smile and talk to her while I am changing her diaper so that she knows it can be a fun experience for all of us.

What ways do you have to make diaper changing easier?


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