6 Of My Favorite Books For Baby


Mog's Family Of CatsAs a former teacher, I’m a huge fan of reading aloud from a very early age. The sooner your baby is exposed to books the better chance he will love books and reading. Board books for babies are a great way to interact with your little one and increase his exposure to language, in addition to allowing you to share some really wonderful moments together. We have a huge pile of them, most were hand-me-downs. Never mind the fact that a lot of them are chewed or sucked upon, Fuzz still loves them (and chews and sucks on them a bit himself). Here is a short list of some of our favorites for the under one set:

Who Says Quack? We love this animal book because it starts with the sounds instead of the names of the animals. Shnook said “moo” and “baa” before he said “Cow” and “Sheep.” The pictures are of real baby animals. So cute!

Pat The Bunny This classic book was one I loved as a kid myself. Nothing like the 1950’s graphics and smells. I love Daddy’s scratchy face, especially since Fuzz’s Daddy often has quite the 5 O’Clock shadow.

Counting Kisses Karen Katz’s book is just another excuse to give your baby 55 kisses. I’ll take it.

Baby Faces I don’t know why, but babies love to look at pictures of other babies. This book of babies with different expressions will make your baby have some hilarious expressions of his own.

Good Night Moon I can’t deny that this books was actually my personal favorite because it became part of our bedtime routine from very early on in Shnook’s life. I think I read it more to calm myself down than to calm him down, but it worked for both of us.

Mog’s Family Of Cats We love this adorable book that tells the story of a cat and all her relatives. If you love cats like we do, you’ll appreciate the little details in the pictures. For example: A kitty on an older lady’s lap with a space heater in the corner.