6 Ways My Baby Is Morphing Into A Toddler {A Slideshow}


baby smileIf you haven’t read one of my posts in a while, you might not know, my baby is really close to being a one-year-old.
Fuzz is still not walking, but there are other signs that he’s leaving his infancy behind. I’m noticing a lot of little things lately that are telltale signs that Fuzz is changing…and fast. Join me as I sob uncontrollably while pointing out how much my baby is growing up.

6 Ways My Baby Is Morphing Into A Toddler:

  • He plays with his brother! 1 of 6
    He plays with his brother!
    I'm finally starting to reap the benefits of having two so close together!
  • He’s getting longer and leaner! 2 of 6
    He's getting longer and leaner!
  • He eats real food! 3 of 6
    He eats real food!
    No more baby food! Pancakes and eggs!
  • Toddler-style “resistance.” 4 of 6
    Toddler-style "resistance."
    I see tantrums in our future.
  • He stands up all the time. 5 of 6
    He stands up all the time.
    Soon he'll be walking.
  • He communicates! 6 of 6
    He communicates!
    Check out my earlier video!

Meanwhile, I can’t help but stare at the pictures of his first 11 months and wonder where the time has gone…

If you have an almost 1 year old- In what ways have you noticed him becoming a toddler?

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