6 Years Later and I'm Still a Dorky Mom.

Little Bean and the Dork.

This morning I sat on my living room floor making faces, singing, giggling, and talking baby talk.

No TV, no radio, no internet, just me being my dorky self with Little Bean.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take these moments. I get distracted with work, household responsibilities, and the daily grind.

I remember doing the same thing with Big Brother 6 years ago. I still get to be dorky with him, but it’s different now. He’s more complicated. Fun, but complicated.

Here’s Little Bean and I this morning.

LIttle Bean and I

And Little Guy and I 6 years ago.

Big Brother and I

In these pictures they don’t look that much alike, but the same dorky mom can get them both to smile. And when they smile, I smile.

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