7 Ways You Know I'm a New Mom (Again)

Hi and waving! I’m Claire and I’m new here at Baby. Earlier this year you could find me over at Babble Pregnancy where I blogged about being pregnant with my third baby. I’m happy to report that my little man was born happy and healthy 12 weeks ago! He is really, supremely cute, you guys, and I looooove him.  My big kids (ages 5 and 3) love him, too, and we had a long summer of bonding with our new buddy.

Now that the big kids are back in school and my newborn is officially an “infant”, I’m back at blogging and feeling like I’ve survived a pretty exhausting period. Being a new mom again was pretty jarring. Before I gave birth I had two kids who were wiping their own butts and were able to go to the fridge and get their own snacks. So those first couple months of new motherhood were a shock to the system.

You guys know what I’m talking about, right? Like if you had passed me in the supermarket this summer you would have just known I was a new mom. How? Here are 7 ways you know I’m a new mom…again.

  • Yup, it’s Pretty Obvious 1 of 8
    Exhausted Female Overwhelmed With Life

    Click through for ways you can tell I'm a new mom! Again!

  • I’m Covered in Puke 2 of 8

    I have what we call a "happy puker". He is chunky and happy but he vomits up ounces and ounces of milk after each feed. And guess where it lands? On me. Every time. I am puked upon so frequently that I stopped even noticing when it happens so I go out in public and you can just tell I'm a new mom thanks to the while flaky stains on my shoulder...and pants...and back...etc., etc., etc.

  • Time? What is Time? 3 of 8
    time cocept

    A funny thing happens when you have a newborn...your entire life gets dropped down a worm hole in the space-time continuum. My newborn had a screaming fit for 7 minutes and I SWORE it lasted a half hour. And his last 90 minute nap was really only, like, 15 minutes long because I got nothing done. Time is weird with a baby, yo.

  • Sleep is Like Currency to Me 4 of 8

    I will do pretty much anything for more sleep. I will trade you childcare...or I'll do all your dishes tomorrow...or I'll pick your kid up from soccer for a year if you will just take this baby so I can nap!

  • Self-Care Has Gone Out the Window 5 of 8
    shopping girl

    Ladies, you don't even want to know the last time I looked at myself in the mirror. There is no point in doing that because I have no time or interest in cleaning up what I will find in the reflection. I have not plucked my eyebrows, put on make-up, painted my nails, or inspected my bangs in three months. Wait, do I even have bangs anymore? I did at the start of the summer...

  • I Have New Mom Brain 6 of 8
    confused woman_caption

    Last spring I wrote about a hilarious and unfortunate problem called Pregnancy Brain. But can we take a moment to acknowledge that New Mom Brain is a problem, too? Of course, it's directly related to the lack of sleep mentioned above, but even on days when I've had a reasonable amount of sleep I still act like a total idiot.

  • Clothe are My Enemy 7 of 8

    At 12 weeks postpartum I am in clothing limbo. What I call my "skinny clothes" do not fit. I tried to pull on a pair of my jeans yesterday and it looked like this photo. Dammit. But I can't bear to put on my maternity jeans again because they are old and gross and depressing. So I will live in yoga pants until further notice, thankyouverymuch!

  • You’ve Probably Seen My Boobs 8 of 8

    If you have come to my house, had me over for a play date, or seen me at the local diner then you have probably also seen my breasts. This is Baby #3 and all modesty is out the window. My friend lent me her beautiful nursing cover when I was still pregnant and I really thought I would use it; but quite frankly, it's just one more THING to drag around. So I whip my boob out in front of anyone and I don't give a fig.

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