8 Comments About Parenting That Drive Me Nuts!

Don't mistake that smile!

We all have those phrases and words that people say to and about us that kind of set us off right… well at least I know I do! Secretly I think all moms have them we just don’t typically openly admit it!

Since my daughter was conceived I feel like I have been wearing a giant sign that says “Please give me your most offensive comment about the number of children I have”, I think sometimes people just don’t have a filter.

After a couple of my favorite phrases reared their ugly head this week nearly pushing me right over my polite in public edge — I thought I would share… of course this is where you guys should share the comments that drive you nuts too!

We can all bask in our comment misery together right?

Yay for rude comments!

The best way to handle them all is ot either ignore or zing them right back…right?

  • Oh! You must have your hands full! 1 of 8
    Oh! You must have your hands full!
    Of course my hands are full, I have three children all ages four and under...
    Thanks for reminding me, because seriously I almost forgot!
    Insert eye roll here!
    Yeah, I have a lot of kids but I wouldn't change my life for anything!
  • Was she Planned? 2 of 8
    Was she Planned?
    Um... what the hell kind of question is that?
    What if I tell you she wasn't planned? Does that really change the fact that she exists?
    No, she wasn't planned, but I love her just as much as if she was!
  • You are done… right? 3 of 8
    You are done... right?
    Magically my family size is up for debate!
    If I wanted public opinion I certainly would ask for it, wouldn't you?
    Maybe I will just become the next Michelle Duggar to chap some asses!
  • Oh they are REALLY close together! 4 of 8
    Oh they are REALLY close together!
    Yup... for damn near three years of my life I was pregnant and believe it or not I remember it!
    I can only hope they will be just as close growing up with their friendships.
    Growing up I wish I had a sibling close in age!
    Is it stressful? You bet your ass it is! But it is worth every moment!
  • She must be sleeping through the night! 5 of 8
    She must be sleeping through the night!
    Nope... not even close!
    I wish she did, but she is still up say... a half dozen times a night.
    She is adorable when she nurses back to sleep... I guess one day I will have a full night sleep again.
    Till then I am slightly on edge... YA HEARD?
  • It is about time she stops breast feeding! 6 of 8
    It is about time she stops breast feeding!
    Um... it is about time you start minding your own tits huh?
    She is ONLY 10 months old... if she had a bottle it wouldn't be an issue right?
    She can wean when she is ready!
  • Oh she is ONLY crawling? 7 of 8
    Oh she is ONLY crawling?
    I hate these comparing comments!
    Yes, she is only crawling, she is also only 10 months old.
    I am sure your 10 month old spoke four languages and juggled dogs right?
  • Oh you are her MOM? Not the Nanny? 8 of 8
    Oh you are her MOM? Not the Nanny?
    I wish I can say I haven't heard this more than a couple times when I have been out with my kids.
    I know I am young but am I really that young looking?
    Or maybe my kids just don't look like me at all?

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