8 Things my 8 Month Old Cannot Live Without

A few months ago I did a post on the toys that Eli was into when he was 5 months old and I had originally hoped it would give people some fun gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, but it ended up also bringing up some rather useful discussions on twitter and Facebook about what toys other peoples’ kiddos were into. And so, since things have changed pretty dramatically since that last toy post, it seemed like now would be a great time for an update.

There are definitely still some things from the old post that are true, but he now hardly spends any time in his formerly beloved swing (except while I pump in the middle of the night) and much to my great sadness, is not longer entertained by rings for hours on end. On the upside, he interacts with toys hilariously now and can play by himself for up to 30 minutes at a time. If that’s not a documentable milestone, I just don’t know what is. If only we could get him to crawl forward.

In no particular order, these are 8 things my 8 month old cannot live without.

(Disclaimer: I am not receiving any kick backs of any sort on any of these items. These are my unsponsored opinions on toys and things my kid loves right now. The links aren’t even affiliate links, so seriously, click away without feeling like you’re getting hoodwinked into supporting my chocolate habit.)

  • Seal Bath Tub 1 of 8
    Seal Bath Tub
    We loved our infant tub, but around Thanksgiving, Eli decided he was done reclining in the tub. He wanted to sit up, but the infant tub just didn't seem comfortable for that and we decided that an inflatable tub would be a nice middle step between the infant tub and the big bath tub. So we went out in search of one. We bought a seal tub for my mom's house and a duck tub for home, only to discover that he was obsessed with the seal and indifferent toward the duck. We were not terribly sad when the duck tub had a leak and we had to return it. And now Eli spends his evening bath time chatting with a seal and he couldn't be happier.
    You can buy this item at Amazon for $14.99
  • Sketchy Monkey 2 of 8
    Sketchy Monkey
    This monkey came to our door the week Eli was born without a name on it, so for the longest time we didn't know it was a gift from our friend Meghan. And at first, we didn't really think Eli would take to it because it doesn't make noise or anything else super interactive. But he is obsessed. He sees Sketch, SQUEALS, grabs his face and presses it into his. Then folds over at the waist and laughs and laughs. I am mostly kidding with the title of this post, but I sort of wonder if he really could live without Sketch these days...
    You can buy this item at for $23.00
  • Red Handle Car 3 of 8
    Red Handle Car
    My mother-in-law bought this for Eli back in November and he is enthralled. He rolls it back and forth, picks it up and chews on it. The handle makes it easy for him to grab and maneuver and I think because of the vibrant red color he always goes back to playing with it after a while.
    You can buy this item at Land of Nod for $12.95
  • LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table 4 of 8
    LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table
    This was a Chanukah gift from a friend and it was immediately a hit. At first, we had it just on the floor and he didn't do much but mash a few of the keys. Now he loves to open and close the hippo's mouth, flip the book pages and beat on the drum in the middle. Plus, now we have the legs on and he LOVES to stand and play, much to my great sadness because gah my baby is STANDING.
    You can buy this item at Target for $34.99
  • Remote Control 5 of 8
    Remote Control
    This was my attempt to get the baby to stop grabbing at the real remote control. We figured he wouldn't have any of it if we didn't sell it to him. So we put it next to the real remote and pretended like we didn't want him to play with it- repeatedly taking it away from him and such. And now he is obsessed. I can also sing you all the songs that it plays, so just be aware of that part.
    You can buy this item at Target for $10.29
  • Sesame Street 6 of 8
    Sesame Street
    We don't put the baby in front of the TV terribly often, but sometimes when he's been on the floor and is just restless and whiny, all it takes is the first few bars of the theme song before he starts perking up. He is totally fascinated by the characters and loves all the music. And I don't mind him watching it either.
    You can watch this for FREE on PBS!
  • High Chair Toy 7 of 8
    High Chair Toy
    We don't do a ton of playing in his high chair, but sometimes he finishes eating before we do and since we like to all stay at the table until we're finished, this toy is a great way to help keep Eli entertained. It could use a good scrubbing at this point, but he loves all the different wings and things he can twist and turn.
    You can buy this item at for $9.79
  • Puffs 8 of 8
    This is another one where I'm only half joking about whether he could live without something because I think about 1/8 of his caloric intake is puffs. But only sweet potato puffs. We tried apple cinnamon and banana (so much gagging with the banana and I don't blame him, they smell terrible), but the sweet potato are major hits around here. If it were up to him, all food would come in puff form. Except bananas, obviously.
    You can buy this item at for $2.99

These are some of Eli’s very favorite things. What items does your baby love the most?

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