8 Weeks Old and Sleeping Through The Night?!


Ok shhhhhh.

No, seriously. Pretend we aren’t having this conversation.

I am really torn between telling you this amazing news and jinxing ALL OF IT and hating myself in the morning.

But we {tiny voice} have started having a baby who {even tinier voice} is sleeping through the night!

Now, of course we need to quantify what that means. Our Ped years ago told me a 4 to 5-hour stretch is considered sleeping through.

And yes … WE HAVE THAT.

For several nights in a row now, we’ve had this schedule:

In bed around 8-9pm “for good” and wakes at 2am to nurse.
Goes right back to sleep.
Wakes at 6am and nurses back to sleep.
Wakes at 8am and is up for “the day” (i.e. needs a cat nap an hour later)

The past two mornings? That 8am wake up was a nurse back to sleep and don’t wake until 10am wakeup.


My colicky little girl, most difficult baby yet (which is seriously saying a lot amongst my four kids) is giving me the best  sleep out of ANY of her siblings.

I have no idea how this is happening and I take no credit for the matter.

So, like I said: we never had this conversation …

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