9 Months and No Sign of Any Teeth


I remember writing a post worrying about Avery having signs of teething at only months old. I could have sworn that I saw two little white caps peering just underneath her gums. Now nearly eight months later, I’m telling myself that I must have been delusional because we have no signs of any teeth coming in.

I know not all kids are the same, but Harlan got her first tooth at seven months. Avery is nearly 10 months and we’ve got nothing. Her pediatrician asked at her nine month check-up if she had any teeth and when I told her no she just said, “hmmm.” At that point I think she was more worried about Avery’s weight issue than she was with how many teeth she did or didn’t have.

Although she doesn’t have any teeth yet, I feel like she has been teething for months. Her hands are always in her mouth, she’s drooling all the time, and she is constantly chewing on anything that she can get her mouth on. She’s giving me all of the signs of teething without any results.

I can’t say that I am worried about it, but I do wonder when these teeth will pop through. I hear of so many babies her age that are working on their third or fourth tooth while Avery just sits here and gives us her toothless gummy grin. I’ve tried rubbing my finger on her top and bottom gums and feel nothing. I’ve looked for any signs of a tooth popping through and see nothing.

Her lack of teeth isn’t holding her back from eating any food. We’ve started her on small table foods so that she can pick things up with her fingers and feed herself. She loves eating at the table with us for dinner. It’s easier on me to let her eat what we eat.

Though I don’t see any hindrances without her teeth, I just want us to pass that milestone of seeing that first tooth pop through!

When did your little one get their first tooth?

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