9 Months Old and Multitasking Already (VIDEO)

Wait until you see how the future Mensa member deftly handles the paci

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Peony is quite possibly the cutest baby ever (remember this picture?). But now, as it turns out, she’s tremendously versatile as well.

She’s taken a liking (loving) to her pacifier. She really, really adores it, and lately she’s learned to take it in and out of her mouth on her own, which might just mean she’s on the Mensa track.

Peony likes likes eating, too, and she’s so intuitive she doesn’t even need to look at what’s going into her mouth — as long as something is going in there, she’s happy.

Last night she discovered there’s no reason she can’t combine she two favorite sports — pacifying and eating.

Take a look at this video and try not to be too envious at how skilled my sweet girl is, especially considering she’s only 9-months-old. Imagine what she’ll be doing at 10-months?

Photo & video credit: Meredith Carroll