A Big, Fat Tummy Time Fail



Don't let that face fool you, he's planning his escape.

I learned a lesson about Arlo and tummy time this week. Usually I put him down on his belly on top of a blanket, but with his reflux acting up a bit, we decided to try it in his boppy. Fortunately, I had the camera close by because this kiddo of mine turned into a tiny, 6 week old stunt man. I’ve never seen so much wiggling and kicking in my life.

It’s a good thing mama was close by to supervise his antics, as I don’t think we’ll be having tummy time this way again!  After the jump, check out all the ways Arlo tried to escape the boppy.

  • In the boppy he goes 1 of 4
    In the boppy he goes
    Alright little buddy, practice raising that head and building those neck muscles!
  • Over the top 2 of 4
    Over the top
    Wait a second... you're not supposed to go over the top! Your head is nearly touching the floor.
  • Down the back 3 of 4
    Down the back
    Now you've somehow wiggled your body down and almost entirely down into the hole in the middle.
  • Off the side 4 of 4
    Off the side
    Good thing mama is watching you! You nearly rolled yourself completely off the side and onto the floor!