A Bizarre Postpartum Symptom


losing armpit hair It has been two full months since I gave birth, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting any more postpartum surprises.

I’ve heard a lot of moms talk about experiencing hair loss postpartum, but I haven’t noticed any significant hair loss on my head.

That’s right, I said I haven’t noticed any hair loss on my head, but that doesn’t mean I am not experiencing some major hair loss in other areas!

Earlier this week, while shaving my underarms in the shower, I noticed something really funny. My once annoyingly hairy armpits are suddenly only sparsely speckled with hair. When I stopped to look even closer, I noticed very little hair at all! My armpits are actually smooth.

After this realization, I took a closer look at the rest of my body. Almost every area from my neck down is nearly hairless, and I can only assume that is hormone-related.

I am not complaining about this loss of body hair — in fact — it’s kind of nice!

Did you have any post partum hair loss, and did it concern you?

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