A Date with My Daughter


A couple of months before I gave birth to Avery, I was so terrified about how I was going to maintain my alone time with my oldest daughter, Harlan. She was with me throughout the entire pregnancy and was so excited for her little sister to be here. But she couldn’t possibly understand the major change that was going to happen in her life.

Shortly after Avery was born, I wanted to make sure that I carved out time especially for Harlan. A time that we didn’t have to talk about the baby. An hour or two where we could do whatever her heart desired with just the two of us. A date. We’ve managed to keep it up month after month and it is a day that I always look forward to.

As Avery gets older she is much more aware of when I am around and when I’m not. She’s even gained a sense of where my attention is when I am with her. If it’s not on her when she needs it, the jealousy begins. This new feeling and expression from Avery has made me realize that not only is she growing up, but that I need to expand my dates for both daughters and not just Harlan.

Although Avery and I spend nearly every minute together and even get alone time every day when Harlan is in preschool, we are so caught up in our day to day routine that it’s never time set aside to do something extra special and out of the ordinary. I’ve always thought of her as my little baby and not my growing little girl. But the reality is that she really is growing up. She will be one in less than two months. No longer the girl that I just gave birth to.

And so now comes the time for our dates to begin. She will be too young to ever remember our special excursions with just the two of us, but our dates together will be ones that I’ll never forget. Whether it’s a day at the park, or a walk around the city to look at the big buildings and the lights, it’s a time that I am dedicated to Avery and only Avery. Because no matter how young she is, she’s never too young for a date with her mom.


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