A Few More Uses for a Maternity Pillow


At about month 7 in my pregnancy, I wasn’t sleeping at all. My cousin bought me a pregnancy pillow and I felt like a new woman. (Unfortunately, it replaced my husband and I was sleeping with a new lover: The Pillow.)

Since Evie’s birth, I’ve found two more uses for it.

(find out after the jump!)

I LOVE this pillow for nursing. I use one end to help prop Evie up and turn the other end on it’s side and sue it as a pillow for my back. This is especially helpful if I need a hand free.

While Evie was still gaining balance while sitting, I’d make the pillow into a circle and place Evie inside. The front is filled with fun toys and the back awaits her fall.

Sooo.. there you have it. Two more uses for the odd-shaped pillow. (Oh, one more: Molly-the-dog thinks it’s hers to lay on too.)

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