A First Time For Everything

This guy is a serious troublemaker.

There really is a first time for everything.  While it’s natural to focus on the big milestones like crawling, sitting up, and starting solid foods, there are also many little firsts happening all the time.  Some are funny, some are a little scary (like first fever!), and some are just plain gross.

This morning I headed into the nursery to check on my sleepy little peanut, only to discover he had done a new first – a particularly disgusting one.

He took OFF his diaper in the middle of the night!  As I peeked into his crib, I was greeted with a smiling and stark naked baby, and a crib absolutely covered in poop.  Not just the sheets, but also the toys, the bumper, the blanket, you name it.

And so we followed that up with another first – a bath at 6:30am, which of course he loved!

It was warm in his room last night after a rare sunny 70 degree day in Seattle, so I decided to let him just sleep in a diaper without pajamas.  I thought it was possible the diaper might leak, but I never imagined he’d actually take it off himself.  Isn’t five months a little young to be getting into this much trouble?

I imagine he had a great time crawling through the poop, smearing it on the bumper walls, enjoying the freedom of being naked.  What a little stinker.  Literally.

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