A Glorious 6 HOURS of Sleep

Little Bean Sleeping

Little Bean is going on his second night of sleeping a long 6 hour stretch.


Friday night he slept soundly in his crib from 9PM-3AM. I believe the time on the alarm clock was 3:07 AM when I stumbled from bed to nurse.

I was shocked he slept that long and mad I didn’t take advantage of it.

So last night I went to bed right after he did hoping, no PRAYING, he’d do it again and….

He did!

I think I had a smile ear to ear as I went to nurse him at 3AM.

If it means going to bed a 9PM a few nights a week to get a nice long stretch of sleep, I’ll happily take it. 11 weeks of broken sleep in 2 hour stints really starts to wear you down.

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