A House Full of Babies for the Holiday

Cousins meeting for the first time!

For the past four weeks, my little nine pound bundle of joy (and terror) has ruled the roost.  Our house revolves around his schedule of eating, pooping, sleeping, and playtime.  Even our dogs have accepted that there is a new guy in charge.

My sister arrived for Thanksgiving on Monday, along with my precious 5-month-old nephew.  We were so excited to finally introduce the boys to each other, and as you can see from the photo, mine was less than thrilled to share his turf.

Here I thought I had totally figured all this new mom stuff out…and then another (and older!) baby entered the picture.  Holy crap — how do people handle more than one kid?

It is so fun having both boys in the house and our whole family all together for the holiday.  I feel so lucky that my big sis can pass down all the advice and wisdom she is learning ahead of me, and I can’t wait for our boys to be older and watch them become great friends.

With two wee ones under one roof, at any given time one of them is shrieking, breastfeeding, farting, or being some other form of needy.  I am amazed at how much more work two babies are than one!

It has also been really fun to interact with my nephew and picture what my little guy will be like about four months from now.  I can’t believe how much they grow and develop in these early weeks and months — it’s really incredible.

We are excited and hopeful for more kids in the future, but for now I’m realizing that one is more than enough for our tiny household.

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