A Letter to Evan on Our First Mother's Day

Me and Evan

Dear Evan,

I’m writing you this with tears in my eyes. You have already brought so much love and life into our world and you are only 5 weeks old! I look to the future with impatient excitement. Wondering what kind of person you’ll be. I can’t wait to play and talk and see you grow right before my eyes.

I find myself staring at you while you sleep simply in awe of how perfectly perfect you are. Just thinking about you’re inquisitive expressions and constantly moving cute little arms makes me smile. And if I kiss you one more time your father and brother are going to start to get jealous!

All I want is one thing this Mother’s Day. One teeny tiny little thing and you are the only person who can give it to me.

A smile.

I love you Evan, with all my heart and I feel blessed that you joined our family.


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