A New Normal

Living for this moment
Living for this moment, making it beautiful.

Maternity leave has been a wild ride.

While I have had minimal sleep the last 6-weeks, it honestly has been the most liberating 6-weeks of my life.

My kids who use to stay at school until 6:30 pm now see me waiting for them in the carpool line.  My 18 month old baby actually comes to me, rather than my husband (woohoo!). And this new little baby has melted our hearts.

Gone are the quick stops at a store or going out to eat since we don’t want to cook. With a large family, those things just aren’t practical.

Life as we know it has changed. 4 young kids is hard. We’ve had to revamp how we live to create a new normal.

Somehow it’s working. It might not be the life that you want, but for us and our circusit’s perfect.

We’re living in the moment and making it beautiful.

Image source: Pinterest

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