A New Schedule

Evie, 5 months

I’ve been lucky enough to be home the entire month of April and I’m cherishing every little minute.

It also means I’ve had to be more dedicated to working on the computer while at home. Thing is, it’s so hard to be away from Evie so I’ve rearranged my work schedule.

Now, this is how it goes:

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  • 9am Wakeup
  • 9:30am Powerwalk with Friends (or, cuddle in bed… oopsie.)
  • 11am Evie Nap, Mommy Works
  • 12:30pm Playtime
  • 2:30pm Evie Nap, Mommy Works
  • 5pm Playtime and Dinner
  • 6pm Evie Nap, Mommy Works
  • 7pm Bath and Playtime
  • 9pm Evie to Bed and Mommy Works til 1 or 2am.

I admit, the interrupted work schedule makes it difficult to really hunker down and be efficient, but I’m so lucky and happy that I can spend all her waking hours with her.

Not looking forward to May. That includes interrupted schedules and travels to San Francisco, Utah, Newport Beach, San Clemente and New York City. This will be the most well-traveled baby ever.

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