A Perfect New-Mom-Obsession: Food Trucks

Sushi Burrito
It's A Sushi Burrito, People.

I have a problem. I’m going to admit it here on BFY. I already admitted it on facebook last week. My status read: “Help! I’m in love with an ice cream truck.” Not just any ice cream truck, mind you, but one of those hip new gourmet ice cream trucks that have become so popular in urban environments like New York and Los Angeles. My love is not confined to this one truck, actually. I have two trucks I love so much it’s almost criminal.

First, I should tell you, this all started only about a week ago. My friend, who has a baby the same age as Fuzz, innocently asked me to have lunch with her. She wanted to catch up with some of those modern day gourmet roach coaches that park at various spots around the city. She followed a couple of them on Twitter, and she was particularly interested in the Coolhaus ice cream truck which had architecturally interesting and outrageously delicious ice cream sandwiches.

What’s that you say, Naomi? Ice cream sandwiches?

Really, need I go on?…oh, but I must.

I had planned on bringing my own lunch and then having an ice cream for dessert. Foolish, foolish thinking. Luckily, we had no food in our house, so I was forced to partake in one of the other trucks for lunch. Fuzz and I parked the car and strolled over to the Hulu headquarters where we were met with lots of smart and cool looking twenty-somethings, and…a gastronomical carnival. Among the trucks: Dim Sum, Bahn Mi, BBQ, Ramen, the aforementioned Coolhaus truck and my personal favorite (almost more than the ice cream): Jogasaki Burrito. These are ‘sushi burritos’ (see photo). The one I had was a spicy tuna, california roll and eel with avocado all rolled up in a rice ‘tortilla’ with sauce. It may have been one of the most heavenly things I’ve ever eaten. The ice cream wasn’t half bad either: Coffee toffee flavor with chocolate chip cookies.

Then, from that day forward, I craved both the burrito and the ice cream. I mean, really I could’ve just gone to a sushi place and gotten a roll, but somehow, it wasn’t the same as finding the truck. I started to follow the truck on Twitter myself but somehow it was always in the valley and I’ll be darned if I’m going to go over the hill to chase one of these things. Still, all weekend I was dreaming about the day I’d meet the Jogasaki Burrito once again.

Then, today, it happened. My friend texted me that the truck was back at the same locale, which is only about a ten minute drive from my house. Again, we set up our strollers, pulled out a blanket and parked ourselves and our babies near young hipsters who were, no doubt, horrified by our public breastfeeding, while we happily consumed our treats.

I’ll admit that part of the allure of this activity is the thrill of the chase.  So, you might imagine how excited and then suddenly crestfallen I was when I saw the Jogasaki Burrito truck sitting on a corner in my neighborhood a few hours later. That’s right, walking distance. It’ll be there every Tuesday for dinner, it seems. I think I may have channeled it or something. Perhaps if I do a little more thinking, I can get them to park directly in front of my house. It’s much better than the lunch truck that actually parks there to feed the construction workers two doors down, where I can get a Mexican coke and a low quality taco. It’s just not the same.

I shudder to think about the calorie count of this weekly affair. Luckily, I’ve started running again, so hopefully that and the bonus of #30 will keep me from turning into a sushi burrito ice cream sandwich.

Do you have an obsession (food or otherwise) as a new mom?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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