A Place of Her Own


1082664_10103327230634983_556535288_nA couple of weeks ago I noticed that Avery had gone off on her own in our apartment. I figured she was in her room playing by herself, and wasn’t too worried. When I looked in her room and didn’t see her, I started to call her name. As soon as I did, I heard laughing coming from our living room. It was Avery’s laugh, but she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. After searching a little bit harder, I found her laying down relaxing on some pillows in a corner between our couch and the wall.

She looked completely comfortable and content just laying there with her legs up and her hands behind her head. She was so relaxed, and loved having a place that was just big enough for only her.

Now that Avery has found this spot, it’s become the place that she wants to go to all the time. The other morning she took her bowl of cereal and went into the corner to enjoy it. I looked over at her and she just smiled. She doesn’t want to be bothered while she’s there. She just wants to sit back and relax on her pillows.

I love that  she has found a place that she is comfortable enough just to be by herself. She’s been a lot more independent lately and doing things on her own more. It makes me so proud to see that she is venturing off and doesn’t need me to be by her side all the time.

It’s just one more indication that my little girl is leaving the baby stage and really becoming a toddler.

Does your little one have a space in your house that they love going to?

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